Posted on: April 1, 2010 11:26 am

Opening Day around the corner - Rookie Impact

With opening day around the corner and with teams finalizing roster spots and rotations there are some players that have made rosters and can make an impact. Let's discuss a few...

Michael Brantley (Cle -OF) - Has won the Leftfield job for Cleveland. His speed and average can help your team.
Gaby Sanchez (Fla 1B) - Has won the 1B job for now. He has to continue to hit in order to hold of Logan Morrison.
Ian Desmond (WSH - SS) - Has won the SS job. He won the job primarily because of defense but has some speed and average.
Cincinati Reds 5th Starter - This job is still up in the air. With Aroldis Chapman's back injury it is up to one of the other rookies to win it.

Speaking of Aroldis...I heard a rumor this morning that Aroldis Chapman wants to play the OF instead of becoming a pitcher for the Reds. Is this true?

If it is then it is a big mistake on his part. He has the potential to become an All-Star pitch. There are not man lefties that can reach 100 MPH on the radar gun as a starter. He most likely would have taken over the 4th or 5th rotation spot by May 1st and been a mainstay of the Cincinnati reds rotation for years to come.

As a raw athletic OF he will just be one of a number of players that the Reds have in their minor league system. It will be a minimum of 2 years before he reaches the majors. The Reds have to be pissed. They didn't pay him 30 or 60M to sit in the minors for 2 years.

I hope for the Reds sake this isn't true.

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